Jacquie Sullivan

Jacquie Sullivan is residential mortgage lender, Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) and renovation specialist (purchase & refinance). In addition to serving as senior lending partner on The Certo Team, she works closely with other divorce professionals – including tax, real estate & family law/divorce attorneys, CLDPs, CDFAs, CPAs, CFPs, wealth management professionals and mediators – to ensure divorcing clients are well-positioned to purchase, refinance or rent a home post-decree, without jeopardizing tax and other wealth-building/protection strategies already in place. As a trained renovation specialist, Jacquie offers loan programs that may be used to purchase or refinance a home that requires anything from large to small repairs/improvements, including AC, roofing, countertops and structural modifications post-closing.

Jacquie has an extensive background in the real estate industry and credit union industry, where she worked closely with CEOs and executive management teams and boards in developing or complementing their mortgage programs. Her experience includes residential mortgage lending (origination, sales & ops management), portfolio mortgage loan programs & product development, underwriting, relocation, and commercial & residential title insurance/commercial construction escrow. Jacquie’s passions include lifelong learning; she holds degrees in organizational (business) psychology, solving problems and helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals.